Retirement Strategy

Retirement is a concept that typically assumes that you have to work very hard for decades only to enjoy a meager existence, living off the earnings of a mediocre nest egg. This is not the way it has to be. Retirement does not have to wait until age 65. Nor does it have to be meager. If you develop a strategy to save for retirement, you can enjoy mini-retirements throughout your life and ultimately have a very comfortable and rewarding experience in your golden years.

Develop a Plan


What do you want in life? What do you want to do? Determine if you want to travel, collect vintage cars, or do whatever makes you happy. Figure out what kind of income would be necessary to support that kind of lifestyle. This is critical in creating your plan. The next step is to determine how to earn the income necessary to fulfill your plan.

Generate Retirement Income

To fulfill your retirement dreams, it is important to create income streams rather than simply amass savings. The first step is to create a passive business. This can be done by creating an outsourced business, an online business, a royalty/commission business, or any other business that makes money with or without your involvement.

Do it!

Don't wait until you are 65 to enjoy retirement. Take mini retirements throughout your life to enjoy the world. Take advantage of the income you have created. It is a great idea to take several months of vacation in between jobs or projects.

Retirement Strategy

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