It's Easy to Draw Strategy Maps

It is quite easy to draw strategy maps for a business or organization when you possess the necessary information and a bit of creativity. Strategy maps are essentially pictures made up of words, shapes, lines, and colors that represent the goals and approaches of a company.

In order for you to draw strategy maps that are effective and quickly comprehensible you would first need to formulate your goals and determine the means to achieving them. The contents of a strategy map is essential because a map is useless if it has no useful information. A map shows you where to go and how to get there. That, is the same function of a strategy diagram, to show a company or organization its goals and how they plan to achieve them. Often a strategy map is a list of causes and effects which ultimately lead to the vision or long term objectives of a business or venture.


A good strategy map should have all the important information presented in an easy to understand format. To draw strategy maps you first need to have clear and harmonious goals. The goals are the destinations which the company works towards. It is vital that the destination is well defined so that the path towards it is easier to determine.

After the goals are set, the methods and approaches to arriving there have to be decided upon and carefully designed. There can be many ways to achieve a goal and it is the company's choice in creating strategy maps whether or not to include all possible means or simply focus on a select few. These methods have to be agreed upon, defined, and also comprehensive. It is also ideal to include the effects, both in the short and long term, of these actions and decision. This give the strategy map a clearer connection between actions and possible results.

Once the content is established, it would be time to get creative and draw strategy maps to encompass the necessary information. The format and style of the map is where creativity and innovation comes in. There are several templates that could be adapted in creating strategy maps. It can be a very simple table or a holistic web of intersections. The look of the map depends entirely on preference.

Begin to draw strategy maps by placing the long term goals. Next illustrate the different means to which they would be achieved. From there you can add the effects those means would have and how they relate to the final objectives. More elements could of course be added to the map, like the actors involved in each stage. The style and content is entirely up to the company or organization. They can choose to copy a template or create their own system. The main point is that the map should be able to accurately and concisely represent the strategy of the company or organization towards achieving its goals.

Creating strategy maps is quite undemanding once you have all the pieces prepared. It is all a matter of finding which piece belongs where and how you can put them together in a cohesive and comprehensible visual representation.

It's Easy to Draw Strategy Maps

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