Large-Mouth Bass Tactics - Best Lures For Memorable Fishing

How Large-mouth Bass Tactics Can Improve Your Catch

Large-mouth Bass Tactics consists of arsenal of different lures, tackle and approaches depending on many factors that may affect your fishing. Mid to late spring bass can be caught with plastic worms, jigs, spinner-baits, crank-baits, and top-water lures. Bass seek the comfort of cooler, deep water in late spring, summer, and early fall, and plastic worms are probably more effective than all other lures combined, at these times.Options include minnows, or crayfish as well as small spinners and a wide variety of small surface lures. Even anglers most often fish for large-mouth bass with lures such as plastic worms (and other plastic baits), crank-baits and spinner-baits, jigs are known as one of the best bass lures for catching those big bass.


Tackle for fishing with lures could include a 5-1/2' to 7 ' spinning or bait-casting rod and reel with 6 to 12 pound mono-filament. Fly fishing tackle could include a 9' to 11' bass fly rod with fast taper fitted with a fly reel fitted with a #7 to #9 floating line and a 6 to

8 pound leader.

To get a reflex strike you need one of two types of lures: either a crank bait or a spinner-bait. In fact, while many people think that it takes big lures to catch big fish, I caught 12 bass in excess of 10 pounds on small spinner one summer. When it comes to top water lures they are effective in the "salad", areas of heavy vegetation, and can produce some explosive strikes.Large-mouth bass are cover-oriented fish. Although you might catch the occasional one out in the open, you will catch many more if you focus on structure.Catching this fish with live bait can be extremely effective but as you may know if you've fished for large-mouth bass, they're tough to catch because they not always easily fooled.

The Large-mouth Bass is the most popular game-fish in the United States. It's usually spawning between mid-April and mid-June. The widespread distribution of that magnificent species translates into fishing opportunities for anglers all across the N. America.The reason for their popularity is that large-mouth bass are aggressive and intense, and fishing for them is truly thrilling. So Large-mouth Bass Tactics have to be adapted to different water conditions: time of the year, weather, vegetation, water temperature etc.

Large-Mouth Bass Tactics - Best Lures For Memorable Fishing

Gavin Mur is true fishing enthusiast. He spent last 15 years exploring various lakes and rivers fishing for all kind of fish species, but one took special place in his hart. That's why he is presenting Large-mouth Bass Tactics to share his knowledge and experiences with other fishing fans.

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