Niche Marketing Will Make Building Your Business Easier and More Profitable

What is a niche? A niche is a clearly definable group of like minded people with a common and mutual interest. It is a subcategory of a larger market that has specific issues, problems, wants, and needs. By understanding those issues you will be able to focus your marketing communications and get that message to the correct audience in the correct format and medium. This creates a message to market match. You actually become an advocate for them and as result begin to attract them to you.

For example, if you market a nutritional product, you may focus on a the 50 to 60 year old demographic that is concerned with protecting and maintaining their health as they grow older. Your messages to them would focus on particular issues such as heart disease or cancer, or generating more energy. As you provide information about the nutrition that is related to their concerns, you qualify yourself as knowledgeable and a leader in that field. You begin to establish trust and credibility.


Do you have a niche? Most people starting in Network Marketing are encouraged to adopt the strategy that everyone is their prospect and that all they have to do is talk to enough people, stay positive, do the personal growth work, and never give up. While it may seem that the niche or market focus is naturally defined by the company and their products, it is a strategy that is often too broad. As a result business builders often fail to create a niche focus in their business. This lack of focus and direction has led to major problems for many network marketers as they use this broad brush to try to address too large an audience. Rather then getting to know their potential customers and business partners and their desires, needs, and wants, they quickly find themselves in a desperate selling mode which turns people off. This type of behavior has led to a negative image of network marketing.

Finding your niche. Any successful business must communicate and provide value that solves customer wants and needs. In order to do that, you must become intimate with issues, problems, wants, desires, and needs of your ideal client. That is best and most efficiently determined by focusing on a niche or unique market segment that you thoroughly understand. 3 critical questions to answer in finding your niche:

1. Who is a market?
How do you define them? Who is your best or ideal customer?

2. What does your niche want?
Specifically, what are they looking for? What problem are they trying to solve? Where do you have passion that matches what your niche wants? How can you position yourself as a solutions provider?

3. How do they want it? Often the delivery and the customer experience is more important then the product itself. Learn how they get information and in what format. Then put that strategy into action.

By specializing on a specific marketing niches or segments, you can bring ideal prospects to you. When you differentiate yourself from other people in the market place you set yourself apart from everyone else and gain attention. As you demonstrate that you understand your niche or group's specific wants and needs you establish greater credibility. You actually become an advocate for them. This builds on relationship and will lead to trust by actually demonstrating your ability to solve a problem that is important to them. Now they will want to know more about you and what you have to offer. You have become an expert in your niche which makes it easy to convert prospects to customers and price competition diminishes, making for a more profitable relationship.

Niche Marketing Will Make Building Your Business Easier and More Profitable

Bob Nussbaum is a National Home Business Consultant showing network marketers and home business owners how to improve their business results with proper training and marketing. Bob teaches internet based marketing strategies for building home based or network marketing businesses.