10 Proven Steps to a Highly Profitable Opt In List

We have all heard it that so as to stay in business online you want to build a focused Opt-In list. Well.. I really have to agree with that simply because here is where you can always have a consistent source of FREE highly targeted traffic and an open line of communication which is perfect for sales messages. It just makes sense, right? And, everyone knows that email marketing is where the big money is really made when talking about promoting your business online as it gives you the power to Follow-Up with your possible customers until they decide to purchase from you. So how do you start your own profitable marketing opt-in list?

Now, for those of you that are new web marketing and do not know what a Opt-In list is, here is a fast definition: An Opt-In list is just a database of Names and emails that have subscribed to a mail list through a web form giving that list owner authorization to send them continual mails on the subject they have an interest in. This is the definite safest kind of e-mail selling where you will not get charged with SPAM. This is critical that you understand this from the start. Hence now you have a clear idea in your brain of what an opt in list is and how it'll be of benefit to you and your business, I suspect it is time to share with you how it is done.


1-Pick your market or Niche. This is an important step because this is where you've got to work out who your audience will be for the product your going to give.

2-Can your target audience or Niche be reach online? This step is where you have got to do some research on whether your personal target market can be reached on the web. So as to do this you have to do some keyword analysis using keywords related to your target audience.

3-Do a Google search for newsletters in your niche. This may give you a listing of search results. Those results are the competition, but rather more important, to the right you can notice tiny advertisements. These are paid advertisements offered through Google AdWords. This suggests that someone is ready to pay to publicize and is concentrating to this Niche and must be earning profits if they are willing to pay for advertising. This, of course, is terrific news for you.

4-Look at ClickBank products that are selling good, and see if any of them are selling in your niche. ClickBank has so many affiliates across the world that you can tell what niches are hot. By doing this you are going to be able to understand immediately what your target audiences TOP issues are and how it's possible for you to help to solve there problem. Forums are another place to spy on your market to find out what needs they have that you can fill.

5-What's keeping them from getting what they desire? This is where you have got to work out whats keeping them from getting what they need in order to solve the problems they're dealing with meaning, this is where you have to work with them to discover a solution to there issues.

6-What can you offer them to unravel there issues? This is where the money is being spent. Now, the one thing you need to receive your slice of the cash is a service or product which will resolve your potential consumers problem. You can either promote your own products or affiliate products.

7-Use a Simple Lead Capture Site. A lead capture page is exactly what it sounds like, a page that gets leads by capturing contact info like names and emails.

8-Get an Auto-Responder account. This is where you will be laying the foundation down for your list. You've got to have an auto responder account Set-Up prior to making your site go live because here's where your future clients are going to come and submit there Name and email so you can begin building a list to send your offers or related information to.

9-You want to work out what 'Bait' to use. What I mean by Bait is..... free offers to add incentive for joining your list. Freebies that have real value will work the best.

10-Get Traffic-Now, once you have your website running and an email followup system in place, it is time to get targeted traffic to your site. There are many paid strategies, and also many free web traffic strategies. You can learn the free strategies in my free ebook below.

10 Proven Steps to a Highly Profitable Opt In List

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