Introduction to Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Marketing strategies and tactics are very important to any business any field. In this series of articles we will take a close look on the different marketing strategies and tactics, how to use them and how to choose between them.

But first we need to talk about the difference between marketing strategies and marketing tactics. strategies are long term plans, over all campaigns to achieve a certain strategic goal. Tactics on the other hand are all about the short term, they are tools you use to achieve short term goals. They are part of your overall marketing strategy.


Having a strategy and using tactics is essential. More essential however is having the right ones. Not every plan is a strategy, and not every strategy is right for you. But when you do have the right one, it will help you immensely in your marketing. It will help you make your mind faster, because every marketing decision you choose will be chosen based on one question: will this help my overall strategy?

Tactics are also important. Good tactics can save a poor strategy, at least for a while, but bad tactics will ruin even the best laid marketing strategies. You should look at your marketing tactics as the steps you need to take to accomplish your marketing strategy.

Another important point is that you shouldn't use the marketing strategies and tactics used by your competitors because it is yielding good results for them. What works for them may not work for you. The strategies you adopt should stem from your needs and goals.

In the next articles we will look at the different marketing strategies you can use, then we will talk about marketing tactics and finally we will advise you on how to choose the best strategies and tactics for your business. Stay tuned and check for updates.

Introduction to Marketing Strategies and Tactics

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