Win Every Foosball Game with a Little Strategy

If you want to be good at the game of foosball, you only have to learn two important strategies -good offense and impenetrable defense. All other foosball strategies fall under these two categories.

When playing foosball, which is very similar to real soccer strategy, defense is king. And for starters, good defense involves learning how to resist spinning the rods aimlessly. This move, in fact, is not permitted in amateur and professional competitions. Besides, if you spin the rods too much, you'll lose control of your men and the game in general. Plus, you'll make horrible shots that won't break your opponent's defense. To block your opponents effectively, make sure your players are in an upright position at all times. Quick reflexes are also important in blocking shots.


As far as offense is concerned, you should be more aggressive. An aggressive offense means you have to hit the ball hard, among many other things. The harder a ball is hit, the tougher it is to defend. But a hard hit ball is going to be worthless if you can't strike the ball accuracy. You should focus on accuracy and force when you are on the offense - the combination of these two skills is deadly. If you master these two skills, you'll be difficult to beat.

Win Every Foosball Game with a Little Strategy

Passing is also an important part of any good foosball offense. You need to develop a clear eye so you can see which figure has a good shot. But more than a sharp eye, you need to have loads of patience. Sometimes you will need to wait until a good shot develops - if you are playing an tough opponent, it may take awhile for a shot to open up.

Each rod on a foosball table has a different number of players. It was created that way for a purpose. It is only right that you use the position of your men to your advantage. Use the goalie to pass to the five-figure bar or the three-figure bar onto the goalie. This way, you'll create a good shot for your own players. But more importantly, you will leave your opponent just watching and preparing for your moves.

In any type of game, practice is what you need to excel. You can't learn all the basics, techniques, and special strategies of foosball overnight. You have to put some effort into learning and mastering each skill. Don't worry; your sacrifices will certainly reap momentous rewards.

Win Every Foosball Game with a Little Strategy

Tyler Landow is a product director at Foosball Central. The company has a wide range of foosball tables [] including Shelti foosball tables [].