SEO Tips and Advice - Part 2

If you are trying to make money off of your underperforming website and have yet to do so, it's time to ask yourself why. Answering this common SEO related question is actually quite easy. A website's performance generally depends on how well the search engines "like" it. Fully understanding this answer, however, is a little more difficult. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals know that there are many contributing factors to a website's performance.

These contributing factors to website search engine optimization usually fall into at least one of the following two categories:


  • On-site Optimization OR
  • Off-site Optimization

The purpose of incorporating on-site and off-site SEO strategies is to increase both the volume and quality of search traffic that your website receives, and then, to turn this traffic into verifiable goal conversions. Goals will vary from site to site, and they include such things as a visitor purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, or even clicking on an affiliate link. Basically, anything that can prove that your visitors have found something they were actually looking for, whether it is a tangible product or simply information.

Every webmaster should be at least somewhat concerned with improving the ratio of their website's search traffic to the number of goals converted within a given time frame. This ratio provides invaluable insight into how well your site is performing. If your website is getting lots of traffic but few goals are being converted, it is probably because your site is either attracting the wrong type of visitors or the goals are not clearly defined or provided.

In my next article, SEO Tips and Advice - Part 3, I will discuss how using "white-hat" on-site optimization strategies can help you to improve your website's ratio of search traffic to goal conversions.

SEO Tips and Advice - Part 2

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